Are You Part Of The Bad Boy Club?


My wife Sherri & I just returned from three stunning days in Palm Springs, California. We had the opportunity to train 2 new clinics & meet with investors, entrepreneurs & progressive doctors who were bringing this healing technology to their community.

John & Stef are pillars in this family oriented golf & tennis community that have all the amenities. Which makes you feel like you’re living at a Ritz Carlton resort. John is now 83, but has the energy of a man half his age. It was his vision & success with Softwave that helped spearhead this regenerative therapy to his community. To launch the opening of their new clinic, they invited friends & neighbors to their home for a “happy hour.” As part of their educational series, they shared their excitement about making this futuristic therapy available to Coachella Valley.

For the event, they hired a family friend, David V. to come help pour spirits & cocktails. While David was standing behind the bar, surrounded by this group of distinguished gentlemen in their 60’s, 70’s & even 80’s, he couldn’t help himself from overhearing their conversation. He pulled over his friend Martha and said, “I’m hanging with the BAD BOYS tonight.” Martha was confused & replied, “No, these are all wonderful human beings.”

David replied, “No, this guy has a bad knee, this guy has a bad shoulder, this guy has a bad low back. They make up the Bad Boys!”

We live in extremely skeptical times, everyone is out there touting that they have the next best thing or something that’s going to cure their ailments. It’s difficult to navigate through the noise and at the same time, not miss out on a wonderful healing opportunity.

Back to our host, John & Stef. For the last 40 years, they have been the OG’s of biohacking.

For those of you unfamiliar with that term, “biohackers” consist of people wanting to extend their lives naturally, while making small, incremental diet, lifestyle changes or incorporating medical technology to help make small improvements in their health and well-being. Their investment in staying young has paid off! They look great and I trained with John at 5:55 am at their gym, where I witnessed him do perfect dead lifts, squats & lunges to complete his leg day.

John shared with me that 6 weeks ago, he wasn’t able to train like this. He had “tweaked” his knee & had pain going up or down stairs. Any pivot or rotation, felt like someone was driving an ice pick into his knee joint. That meant no golfing or pickleball, which are just 2 of his hobbies now that he’s retired.

Like me, he was amazed at his results after just 3 Softwave sessions. He had been to some of the best orthopedics and doctors, but their best options were drugs, cortisone shots or the S word. None of those were appealing.

So John being a ferocious reader & fact finder, he turned to the internet in search of something that was less invasive, something that wasn’t going to have terrible side effects or have days of downtime.

As he read more research papers and saw more patient reviews, it seemed like Softwave checked all the boxes. What he found was that we were unique & different from any of our competitors, because we TURN OFF INFLAMMATION. Plus, this therapy helps decrease pain naturally & had stellar reviews from multiple locations across North America. But what he liked most was that you only needed a handful of sessions to get maximum healing benefits. His only hint of skepticism was, if this is as good as what all these other satisfied patients were saying, why wasn’t this everywhere?

So he made the long drive to Redlands to one of our early Softwave providers, Dr. Nate Coffin, and did his first treatment. He was amazed at the immediate relief. For the first 24 hours, he was nearly pain free. He would test it by practicing his golf swing, but could no longer reproduce that pain. This was amazing to John, because there had been a constant pain for the last 6 weeks & how come all of a sudden, the pain was gone.

After a couple more Softwave treatments, he was satisfied with his results. He urged his son, Jed, to help him bring this technology to their community and make it easier for his friends to offer true regenerative options that deliver predictable patient outcomes, but not have to rely on strong medications. This is a non opioid, non invasive procedure, that performed in minutes, with little to no down time.

I know sitting here writing this that it sounds too good to be true. It’s time to stop being part of the bad boys club. If you’re just going to keep complaining about how bad your arthritis is, or your “bone on bone” knee pain – you’re NEVER going to get better. What’s that old Einstein quote, “if you keep doing the same thing over & over, then hoping for a different out come”…it’s the definition of insanity!!

But, if you want to break away from the pain & suffering, then you’ll be more like John! See, he took action, he picked up the phone & called 770 ATL PAIN / 770-285-7246 to make an appointment. This is a 15 minute discovery exam, where we know within minutes if you qualify for this truly revolutionary therapy. What do you have to lose, but the pain & suffering that’s been your constant companion.





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