Breakthrough for Erectile Dysfunction

Finally an all natural breakthrough therapy for Erectile Dysfunction where no pill 💊 or drugs are necessary.

Please take 2 minutes to listen to this interview with urologist, Dr. Brent Sharpe at the bottom of this page. The Woodstock based medical company, TRT LLC, started this collaborative study with Georgia Urology nearly a year ago. It utilized our patented technology & recent FDA clearance as a class 2 medical device. This is the urogold100® & it is a mini lithotripsy. It incorporates both light, heat & electro hydraulically produced sound waves to initiate a safe natural healing response in the body.

Dr. Sharpe shares the results from their recent study. They determined a 50-60% success rate with our protocol. We’re also starting to understand healing takes time. The longer they followed these 28 patients, the more they realized it’s a long term healing process. Patients continue to improve as time goes on & the majority of the participants have continued with care, now paying cash for the service after the pilot study was completed.

Dr Thomas Lue, world renowned urologist & neurologist, recently predicted at the 2018 Sexual Symposium in Lisbon, Portugal, “that every urologist’s office would have to have one of our ESWT/ mini lithotripsy device in the next 2 to 3 years, or their practices would be antiquated.” To paraphrase Dr. Lue, he basically said don’t let your urology practice become the next flip phone!!



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