Our Commitment

We’ll show you how to bring out the best in yourselves. We’ve done this thousands of times already & we’ve been getting repeatable results for our patients over the last 25 years. We have the power & knowledge to show you how to do it.

Our commitment is to do the right thing like making recommendations to patients like they were our own family members. That’s it. We don’t recommend unneeded treatment or therapies that only jack the price up. We don’t want to trade your current pain for a financial pain.

The Allcore 360 & ESWT both make it easy to reduce the frequency of visits but get the best outcomes. The Allcore helps strengthen. & stabilize core muscles that are important to maintain healthy normal posture. Our team can help you get to your goals in weeks, not months!

Our good faith philosophy:

The majority of our patients are 65-72 or considered the elderly demographics. Our patients tend to be the envy of all their friends – who have started to fall apart. Our patients want to stay active. They want to be the best version of themselves – even if they haven’t been for the last few years.

HealthMed is utilizing the top regenerative medicine tools & incorporating anti aging techniques, both which help decrease pain & improve circulation – wherever you have pain, you have poor circulation. It’s just as simple as that. If you can increase blood supply to the damaged or injured tissue, you help reduce that pain without the use of surgery or opioid drugs.

We know you still have busy lives, but our home exercise program gets you out of that coach potato mode & back in motion. Our bodies live from motion! Our joints & our cardiovascular system flourish from movement & good circulation. Our team at HealthMed are in the business of keeping your body in motion.

Our current patients have put their fears & skepticism aside, & put their trust in our team of experts. Let them guide you to the transformation that is waiting to come out.

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