Positive Biological Benefits Of Softwave

I know what I’m good at: educating doctors & patients on the positive biological benefits of Softwave.

The last couple months at seminars and conferences, I have doctors that come up to me and say, “Hey Doc, I see your amazing patient results all over on social media. You’re everywhere. I tell them, “You have to be to win this war on chronic pain!”

Softwave offers real results with real science behind its predictable patient outcomes. We’re not some one hit wonder, we’ve been posting what many would call “Medical Miracles” for the last 6 years.

I had one doctor ask me this weekend, “Doesn’t it bother you that there’s other doctors out there now copycatting you?

My response was simply -“that’s exactly what I wanted to create, when I put this program together five years ago.

I’m happy to announce that we now have scaled to 700 clinics across North America who are using that same formula to share this futurist therapy. Those hundreds of doctors that have been able to replicate this easy formula is the exact copycat I dreamed of !

I knew early on I wasn’t going to be able to do this all alone. Are you kidding me? I really can’t be everywhere, but I say every day, “I NEED A HUNDRED MORE DOCTORS JUST LIKE YOU, to help me on this mission to fix our broken healthcare system!”

Seek no credit, Let credit find you.

Whether they give us credit or not, that doesn’t matter. More importantly, it’s about bringing this EVERYWHERE & delivering world-class care at a local level. Our goal is to make this affordable & accessible to the masses. The credit goes to the amazing engineers & entrepreneurs that developed this magical therapy. They’ve dedicated their lives to perfecting “predicable patient” outcomes. This small group of like-minded people invested million of their own dollars, which has kept this dream alive.

Persistence is omnipotent.

We’re on a mission to end pain & suffering for millions of people around the world without: DRUGS, Cortisone injections, joint replacements & surgery!

Success is when reality catches up to your imagination.

To me, success is measured by the amount of people you’re able to help and serve. We now have 1,300 devices spanning the globe & our private facebook group, SoftWave University, is a community that’s quickly grown to 1,500 doctors & technicians from 24 different countries that are delivering non opioid, non invasive safe treatments to thousands of patients per day.

Making the world a better place.

It reminds me of what my friend & mentor, Dr. Josh Axe says (pictured above), “We might not get to heaven, but we should work at bringing a little heaven to earth!”

Helping elevate our entire healthcare system from bad to good: We’d like to acknowledge this elite group of healthcare providers that have invested in the future health of their communities. #2give #2love ❤️ #2serve

To your health,
Dr. Matthew DiDuro, DC

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