I’m Fine, I’m Fine…Until You Check My Spine

The true effects of an injury might not show up for days, weeks & even months after a car accident! A recent study reported even 2 years later, 40% of patients involved in a MVA are still reporting moderate to severe problems with “whiplash injury.”

Meet Karen, one of our Softwave patients. A few years ago, her life changed forever. She was stuck at a stop light, minding her own business and thinking about her grandkids she was driving to see…

When suddenly, BAM! She got rear ended by a car whose driver was on his cell phone, not paying attention.

3 years of chronic neck & back pain following what seemed to be a simple injury.

This impact gave her immediate and incredibly painful ‘whiplash’ in her neck & instability in her low back.

After this horrible experience, Karen went to doctor after doctor, but wasn’t able to find any relief. She tried everything: pills, acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy & chiropractic. All conservative attempts failed. She knew she was heading down a slippery path, but next tried cortisone shots hoping it would get rid of the daily constant pain, but nothing was touching this persistent pain.

Over the next 3 year period, she underwent 4 spinal surgeries in an attempt to correct her damaged spine. This debilitating pain was sucking the life out of her.

The reason? None of these highly trained specialists could locate the true source of pain.  All the previous treatments she tried weren’t able to find the root cause, or pinpoint where the actual injury was coming from. Nothing until now had fixed the real problem.

The majority of my career has been dedicated to studying how the body heals & where pain comes from. I’ve focused on the human frame from an engineering standpoint & how mechanical injuries can cause dysfunction. I realized our current healthcare system lacked the technology to diagnosis soft tissue injuries, especially whiplash ones.

After scouring the earth, I stumble across a somewhat forgotten medical device & a way a professional team was using it as a diagnostic tool. The Chicago Cubs found that when you scan this over normal tissue – No Pain. But when you run this over areas of poor circulation, arthritis or event inflammation there is a biofeedback component where the patient would say, “Right there!” We are now able to pin point where the true source of pain is coming from. It also could be switched to a more healing mode just by lowering the energy level. Hundreds of studies now show that this versatile device helps decrease pain & inflammation, while also improving range of motion & circulation! After 3 decades of searching for “where does pain come from?”, I finally found the answer: it’s actually inflammation.

This technology has been around for 40 years and was originally used to break up kidney stones utilizing super sonic sound waves to pulverize these calcium deposits non-invasively. Which means NO NEEDLES or penetrating the skin.

Let’s get back to our patient’s story. After 3 years of nothing but unrelenting pain, Karen was at the end of her rope. In her own words, “I was losing hope.” She had seen other people on social media talking about this ‘repurposed’ device & how it’s helping other people with similar issues – just like her. She thought, “What do I have to lose?”

You can see the video we capture before her first session & then right after. Her results were phenomenal. Karen’s pain suddenly went from a constant ‘8’ to a ‘3’…after just ONE session with Softwave.

In the video, you can see her face immediately light up when she realizes that she can now move with less pain for the first time in years. Oh, and the other cool thing, she didn’t need her cane anymore for support!

How can it be? One 3 minute therapy was able to melt away 3 years of her pain & scar tissue. She asked, “Why isn’t this everywhere?” We were like, “That’s what we’re trying to do, GET THIS EVERYWHERE!”

To your health,
Dr. Matthew DiDuro, DC

Ps: Sounds too good to be true? Then watch with your own eyes her phenomenal transformation: https://youtu.be/y3NclhhK8mo

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