The Final Frontier: Revolutionizing Healthcare

Research teams have been working on the creation of a mobile diagnostic device inspired by the fictional medical Tricorder from Star Trek. The stem cell machine brings fiction to reality and innovative medical diagnostic solutions to the health care industry.

The Star Trek series have been a source of inspiration for researchers, engineers, and designers once again.

The Star Trek Medical scanner –
Do you remember the scenes from Star Trek, when they would scan the body to diagnose & help locate the problem?

The Stem Cell Machine does just that! When we scan this over normal tissue – no pain, but when it comes in contact with damaged or injured tissue – the patient can tell you the exact point of the pain. Check out Free My Pain Now – to learn more about this futuristic device.

Star Trek scene:

We’re experiencing some of the greatest breakthroughs in medical technology & experts are predicting that your medical doctor will need to have this device or their clinics will be like a flip phone from 2008.

Tissue Regeneration technology may be the most versatile & transformational device in the last half century. Some providers are calling this futurist, much like the Medical Scanner from Star Trek, where you had Dr. McCoy “Bones” using this futuristic device to not only detect where the issue was, but then he’d wave the device over the patient’s injured area & help heal the damaged tissue. Other than science fiction & movies, when is the last time you heard a healthcare provider ever mention such a device?? Just now!

Some might think this is a gimmick, until they actually feel low intensity Extracorpeal Shock Wave therapy (ESWT). It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. It’s like taking a lightning bolt & thunder, than putting it into an applicator that can scan over the body. If it passes over normal tissue, no pain, but when you pass the applicator tip over damaged or abnormal tissue. The patient reports slight discomfort. It’s this biofeedback component that allows us to pinpoint the source of pain.

The diagnostic portion is just the start! The stem cell machine actually helps accelerate the body’s own natural innate healing process. It helps decrease the inflammation & promotes new blood vessel growth by stimulating release of vascular endothelial growth factor, while actually activating resident stem cells to jump into action. Stem cells are the building blocks for all tissue repair & regeneration. Research documents increased circulation of messenger RNA’s & exosomes, which act as stem cell attractants within 45 minutes of treatment. The true healing occurs 8-10 weeks, when you have your own stem cells that have been produced & migrated to that treated area.

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Dr. Matthew DiDuro, DC

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