The Most Versatile Device You’ve Never Heard Of

Chances are the device I’m about to introduce you to, you’ve never even heard of. What if I was to tell you that there was one medical device that may be able to help with a variety of different conditions, including: non healing fractures, wounds, neuropathies, plantar fasciitis, degenerative joint diseases, chronic pain, inflammatory issues, poor blood circulation, activates autonomous stem cells & even erectile dysfunction. You’d probably say, “It sounds too good to be true.”  It reminds some readers of one of the parody Saturday Night Live commercials from the 1970’s: It’s a floor wax, no it’s a dessert topping, wait it’s both. The greatest shine you’ve ever tasted.”

Well, that’s the impression some patients get, while I’m explaining this futuristic technology to them. I mentioned this recently on my Podcast, Free My Pain Now with Dr. Matt DiDuro, DC, & got some flack. So, please let me clarify. This technology has been around for over 40 years. It’s considered genuine lithotripsy technology, which is what urologists have used to break up kidney stones with an 85% success rate. But this new device is considered low intensity and about 10% of the strength of the hospital grade devices. The positive biological effects were stumbled along somewhat serendipitously after one fearless Urologist pointed the electro-hydraulically produced sound waves at his sprained ankle. He noticed that it helped decrease his pain & inflammation of his swollen ankle. It uses heat, light & electro-hydraulically produced sound waves that penetrate through a body in 3-4 micro seconds at a speed of 3,355 mph.

The closest comparison in nature would be if you took a lightning bolt & thunder, then harnessed it into a probe. Then we’re able to target this intelligent energy at areas of pain & damaged tissue. The unique characteristic of this technology is the high pressure, low pressure forces that are delivered within that 3-4 microsecond. This patented technology creates a negative tensile shearing force on the cell membrane.

It first compresses the cell & then immediately creates an expansion on the cell, which in turn pushes oxidative agents off the cell membrane.

On a cellular level, this allows nutrients & proteins to diffuse through the cell membrane & allows waste products & messenger exosomes out of the cell. The exosomes trigger this biological healing cascade & call for other healing helper cells to this injured area. Research now documents that within 45 minutes of treatment, the body activates resident stem cells to come out of a dormant state & initiates the body’s innate healing ability. In the first 15 hours after treatment, patients will notice a decrease in pain, swelling & an improvement in range of motion. The true healing may take 8 to 10 weeks, when the maximum of stem cells have been generated & then have migrated to the treated area. Then 10-12 weeks after treatment, researchers are seeing neovascularization, or the actual formation of new blood pathways to that injured site. The one point that I try to educate my patients is this simple fact: wherever you have pain, you have poor blood supply. If we are able to improve blood supply to that injured area, we in turn can help decrease the pain. So, how does this translate to different specialties? Well, a diabetic ulcer or wound that hasn’t been healing properly needs a 200% increase in blood supply to heal. The problem is, that most diabetics have a decrease in blood supply because the thicker blood can not travel through the smaller arteries & capillaries. If you can increase the blood supply by 200-300 %, we’re able to create a better environment for healing. This doesn’t just work for wounds. It’s been shown to be beneficial for fractures that haven’t healed for weeks & months. As well as most degenerated joints in the body, but especially beneficial in “bone on bone” knees. Just since the Corona virus has pretty much crippled our nation, it’s also put a halt on elective surgeries, like knee & hip replacements. In Austria & Europe this technology has become the standard of care to treat non healing fractures, pain & wounds. Well, why is this one of the top medical devices in Europe, but has gone unnoticed in the United States? Unfortunately, MEDICINE has become an industry in the United States. It’s not surprising that the preponderance of new research is coming out of socialized medical systems such as Germany & Austria, where incentive is for cost effectiveness, clinical effectiveness, and safety rather than profit. Joint replacement surgeries have become a big business. There are over 600,000 knee replacements done every year in the US with an estimated cost of $8.3 billion dollars per year. It’s big money, & a go to procedure for many orthopedists across the country. Unfortunately, our doctors choose to go with the most invasive, most expensive options before exploring less invasive, less expensive options prior to joint replacement surgery. Our most valuable source of information is our patients and their experiences. FREEMYPAINNOW.COM This is why some of the top Universities & clinics from across the country are now utilizing this futuristic technology. Even Mayo Clinic, Baylor University, Cleveland Clinic, University of California San Francisco & even Harvard are starting to embrace this effective therapy as an option prior to surgery.

This may be the most effective and safest therapy in the history of medicine. In fact, the FDA has classified this device as a non significant risk (NSR), because of the minimal amount of complications. The standard of care for the last 30 years to treat pain has been steroid injections with limited results. Steroids do not fix the problem & have a list of side effects that include: increase blood sugar, damage cartilage, weaken tendons, weaken immune system & risk of joint infection. In the algorithm of health care, we should start with the least invasive with the least amount of side effects. It’s no wonder that the Austrian healthcare system now utilizes this technology in all 11 of their trauma centers across their country. It’s also now used on all spinal chord injury patients within 72 hours. In a small pilot study they’ve estimated it to have had a decrease in paralysis by 50%. So, what is this device & what is it called. In a recent episode on the nationally syndicated show, “The Doctors”, they nicknamed it – see here: It’s called the Orthogold 100 & it’s built by a company out of Germany called MTS and distributed by a company called Tissue Regeneration Technologies out of Atlanta, Georgia. My company, HealthMed, has become the top educator & distributor to all North America.

I’m making the bold prediction that every podiatrist, orthopedist, wound specialist, chiropractor & urologist will have to have one of these devices in their clinics, or their practices will become antiquated like that flip phone from 2008. The Covid-19 creates a serious problem for the unfortunate people who contract this virus. As the virus attacks the lungs, it damages the specialized type 2 epithelial cells that creates surfactant. This is crucial to reduce the amount of friction in the lungs during respiration. The body sends all of it’s fighter cells like Interleukin 1 & 6 to start the inflammatory process. It’s been referred to as the “cytokine storm”. Our body is so under attack & switches to this code red status, and sends all reinforcements to defend against this foreign invader. The problem becomes that the body can’t turn off this major inflammatory effect. There are a couple brave medical doctors right now in Atlanta that have taken our technology to fight this pandemic. We already knew that one of the key components to our technology is that it actually prohibits or stops the inflammatory process in the body. Research is quite clear that we trigger the release of Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) & interleukin 10 to help reduce inflammation. Doctors have utilized softwave TRT on patients with late stage issues from fighting Covid-19 with the sole premise of down regulating this cytokine storm or helping the body turn off this deadly inflammatory response. Dozens of patients have been helped suffering from post COVID-19 syndrome. Even in these difficult times, we are experiencing some of the greatest advancements in medical technology transformation in the history of our country. Experts are saying that this Tissue Regeneration Technology may be the most versatile device in the last half of century. Other than science fiction & movies, when is the last time you’ve heard a healthcare provider ever mention such a device? Just now! Matt DiDuro, BS.,DC.

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