The Story Behind Stemwave Therapy

Back in April 2017:
I was treated by John Warlick with the Orthogold 100 in Woodstock, Georgia at Softwave Tissue Regeneration Technologies. This was a little known medical device company that I soon realized was the answer I had been searching for. You see, 11 years earlier, in 2006 I had a 350 LB patient fall off my table & my first reaction was to grab him. The force of him falling, dislocated my right shoulder, detached my labrum & tore ligaments in my right hand / wrist. Two surgeries later, I was out of work for 3 years & spent nearly a decade with constant pain in my right hand after a failed surgery. I went from doctor after doctor searching for something other than narcotics to temporarily kill the pain and something other than cortisone injections or another surgery. The amazing thing was over the next 10 days, I had three Orthogold treatments and I was 90% better. I literally bought a machine, but didn’t have to treat my right hand / wrist for another 14 months. I told John Warlick that I could put one of these in every chiropractor’s office in North America. He said, “If I had a nickel for every person that told me that, I’d be rich!’ It’s at that time, I start telling my story. It takes me 13 months and 110 doctors that say “No” to me before I sell my first device. (That’s a different story.)
August 27-29, 2017:

I treat my first drop foot patient, Randal Reed (pictures on the left was 5 weeks post lumbar surgery) in Addison, Tx. He gets 100% relief and restoration of nerve / muscle function after an 8 minute treatment. I’ve never seen anything like this in 23 years of healthcare. Dr. Greg Hipskind, PhD in Neurology (pictured on the right- still can’t believe what he just witnessed)

Up until this point, I’d only been using this technology on the patients that weren’t responding to conservative care, like this gentleman: watch video

On Sept 11, 2017
Dr. Darnell and myself work on our first diabetic neuropathy patient and she has immediate relief for nearly 2 days! We create a treatment plan, see her over the next 4 weeks, and write a case study in November 2017 that documents Mrs. Carol’s transformational improvements.
Stemwave therapy
I coin the phrase ‘Stemwave therapy’ because we’re using super sonic sound waves (traveling at 3,355 mph). These sound waves can penetrate the depth of a soup can into the body and we’re able to see a positive biological effect basically wherever we place this on the human body. At this point we’re seeing a handful of studies published that demonstrate stem cells are activated within minutes after this therapy. MECHANOTRANSDUCTION is the process responsible for creating the shearing force that is working on a cellular level. This high pressure followed by a negative tensile force helps shed micro vesicles, messenger RNA & exosomes that seem to trick the body into thinking it’s been injured, without any damage to the cells and tissue. It’s like we’re able to flip a switch within our innate immune system that calls into action these stem cells, repair cells & other helper cells that are part of our early responders that are needed for repair & healing.
So, I’d put Stem & wave together to get Stemwave. We later added ‘therapy’ on the end. I was looking for a cool acronym (SWT), which also mirrored how the research referred to this Extracorpeal Shock wave therapy (E-swt).

October 5, 2017
This picture documents the day of Mrs. Carol’s first re-exam performed on October 5, 2017. She showed over 30% improvement in the function of her small sensory nerves with just a handful of Stemwave sessions & the rest is history.

Now today, 5 years later:
We’ve now placed 592 devices across the country & we’re now helping thousands of patients per day. We’ve created such a demand for Stemwave therapy that we have 90 doctors on a waiting list, who are excited to bring this to their community!
Call 855 ATL PAIN / 855-285-7246, if living without pain is right for you 👊🏼💥❤️‍🩹

To your health,
Dr. Matthew DiDuro, DC


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