Tips To Avoid Forward Head Posture

forward neck posture

Forward head posture is where your skull is protruded forward more than an inch over the atlas which is the vertebra in your neck that your head rests on. It is stated that for every inch that your head protrudes from its normal position, you add 10 additional pounds of force upon your neck. This not only causes neck and shoulder pain but can also cause improper breathing, migraines, jaw pain, numbness in arms and hands, pinched nerves and arthritis in the cervical spine.

Everyone is at risk for forward head posture. Forward head posture is usually caused by too much sitting and misalignment in the pelvis which can cause a chain reaction of muscle and tissue imbalances that make the head go forward.

Forward head posture is found in the younger population now more than ever due to the large amounts of time spent hunched over looking at smart phones and at a desk. Simple changes can make a major difference. Be aware of posture while at work, at rest and during sleep.

Avoid forward head posture with these simple lifestyle changes:
• Awareness of posture at all times
Ergonomic setup at a desk – top third of computer screen should be eye-level
• Movement – keep your body limber and take breaks every half hour when sitting for long periods
• Avoid carrying heavy bags on one shoulder
• Good sleep posture – avoid sleeping on your stomach
• Periodic checkups – chiropractic checkups and treatments can detect issues and can help realign your spine

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