Turn Off The Inflammatory Process

We recently brought Softwave technology to a prominent neurology group & successfully treated 10 doctors & staff over a 2 day period. Literally had one amazing case after another, we treated & they got off the treatment table shocked at how quick the relief was. But this was the response from the clinic director, “Personally, I think it’s amazing how well it worked, but I can’t see us purchasing one. It’s not in our business plan to treat pain, arthritis, spinal cord issues, or orthopedic conditions. We are a brain 🧠 clinic.”

The options are endless with this device, in fact it seems like every 3 months, we find a new condition that benefits from this technology. I mean LITERALLY, have you heard of PGAD? It’s persistent genitalia arousal disorder, it’s a condition that women suffer from and get orgasms every five or 10 minutes and sometimes 15 in an hour. It makes it difficult to walk across the room or go to the gym. It has a high rate of suicide associated with it. Dr. Goldstein, one of our researchers at University California San Diego is now 17 for 17 treating this somewhat rare condition. And it wasn’t him treating the genitals that helped because he was zero for four when he first started, but it was actually once he started treating the lumbar plexus. He may have actually found a CURE for this debilitating condition. It was because our CEO, John Warlick, recommended to “go treat the lumbar plexus, where all the nerves exit to control the pelvis.”

I find your comment that you’re a brain center and don’t treat spinal cord issues, orthopedic issues, osteoarthritis, pain…somewhat a limiting belief in your own head. Let me remind you that the spinal cord is just an extension of the brain and brain stem and even the peripheral nerves –  they’re all connected. I think it’s time you take your blinders off and really realize the true scope of this technology. Yes, you have to figure out how to implement it within your current practice, but that’s what I’ve done successfully 135 times!! I’m a problem solver. I understand you haven’t figured out how to add this to your neuro protocol, but once in a lifetime a device like this comes along, and you say “it’s not in your business plan.” Really?

It’s not in your business plan to help more people? It’s not in your business plan to GET PEOPLE OUT OF PAIN? Just imagine what work you could do on your patients if you were able to ELIMINATE PAIN & DECREASE INFLAMMATION. Because that’s what this does! It turns off the inflammatory process. Did you read the spinal cord injury study?

I’m sorry I’m being somewhat harsh, but you need to really think about this. I will help you figure out how to implement this into your neuro patients & doctors. As Jeff Bezos once said, “NEVER, EVER TURN AWAY FROM THE FUTURE.” This device’s time has come & you can either look like a genius being the first to offer this to neurologists across the country, or you can say, “Yea, they demo-ed this at my clinic twice & I witnessed some supernatural healing, but couldn’t wrap my head around how to use it to help my patients.”

Dr. Matthew DiDuro, DC

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