Where Does Pain Come From?

1) Poor circulation
2) Inflammation
3) Tissue damage (osteoarthritis, sprain, strain, tear, etc.)

What does the Softwave Orthogold100 device do?

It has an inverse function on ALL THREE ️ – improves blood flow, decreases inflammation & helps repair tissue damage. When used on animals & humans it results in positive biological effect wherever we point this applicator with a parabolic probe.

• When you down regulate inflammation, you allow the body time to recover & heal.
• When you increase angiogenesis & blood flow, you help bring oxygen dense blood to damaged tissue (connective, neuronal, endothelial), giving it time to repair, recover & heal.
• We have class ll clearance to activate connective tissue that helps repair the building matrix of biological tissue including: epithelial tissue, connective tissue, muscle tissue, and nervous tissue.

My hypothesis: this device actually is turning off the inflammatory process for seconds to minutes & maybe even a few hours. The research will either prove or disprove my hypothesis, but at least I’m trying to help figure it out.

Where does the WOW FACTOR come from?

After using this for the last 4 years & literally documenting THOUSANDS OF PATIENTS’ REAL TESTIMONIALS immediately following the initial visit. Where does that unique phenomenon come from? I don’t think we actually know what causes that IMMEDIATE RELIEF, yet. But my guess is that we’re actually turning off the inflammatory process for a brief time (minutes to hours?)

Many people think that the inflammatory process is normal, I think the inflammatory process is ABNORMAL. In fact, I believe inflammation is the silent killer and the root to all systemic disease. Where does plaque in the arteries come from – cholesterol in your diet? Or, maybe it comes from inflammatory foods in your diet?The truth is, we don’t know…….yet. But time will tell.

What if we are actually halting or reversing inflammation for even a brief time! That’s literally been the holy grail in Pharmacology for the last 50 years. Merck pharmaceuticals came the closest with Vioxx, which would have been a multi-billion dollar drug, but killed 27,000 people in the short time it was on the market.

What if we could do that with a device that no pharmaceutical company has been able to accomplish – a non-invasive, same day procedure with minimal side effects that actually helps accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal? I might not know where pain comes from, but when I place our device on people, the pain goes away.

– Dr. Matthew DiDuro
Dr. Matthew DiDuro is Chief Medical Officer of SoftwaveTRT and research director of Atlanta Pain Institute. Softwave TRT is the distributor in North America of Orthogold 100 Softwave Tissue Regeneration.






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